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AirbalerThe Airbaler system was invented by Scott Seaver for use on his 170-acre farm in West Michigan. Scott has tested and perfected the Airbaler over 6 years and 60,000 bales of hay.

Scott baled hay for many years stacking the hay on a wagon being pulled behind the baler. If the bale density was not right he would jump off the wagon and turn the hand cracks a little to get it right. He would do this many times a day.

Several years back Scott purchased a New Holland hay stacker and now there was nobody touching bales to make sure the bale tension was right. That meant the person driving the baler had to make frequent stops to check bale density and make adjustments.

The problem was compounded because of the mechanical equipment handling the bales if the density and length did not remain relatively constant the hay stacker would break bales or goof up stacks.

That's when Scott came up with the idea of using air pressure to control bale density and he put together the first Airbaler. He has since used it to bale over 60,000 bales of hay and straw, with great success.

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