Airbaler Features & Benefits

The Airbaler is a density control system that automatically adjusts to changes in field conditions - so you always get consistent bale density without the hassle of manual adjustments.

Product Overview

Better Bales - Less Hassel

AirbalerThe Airbaler is the only self-adjusting density control system that does NOT require manual adjustment every time there's a change in field conditions. The system uses an airbag instead of springs or hydraulics to control the tension applied to the bale chamber as materials flow through. When field conditions change, the airbag automatically expands and contracts to ensure the tension applied to the chamber is constant and uniform.

Works with all the major baler brands:

The Airbaler is compatible with all the top manufacturers of small square balers including John Deere, Case/International, New Holland, Hesston, and Massey-Ferguson.

Easy to install on any baler

It only takes about 2.5 hours of time to install the Airbaler system on a baler.

The Airbaler Kit (pictured) includes all the parts needed to install the system on small balers.

  • Rubber Airbag
  • Ballast Tank
  • Tension Bar
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Assemply Parts
  • Unstoppable Density Adjustor (Air Compressor Kit (Optional )

Easy to Order:

There are two ways to order an Airbaler Kit. You can use our secure online ordering system to pay with any major credit card. Or you can place an order by mail using a check or money order. View Pricing & Ordering

One-Year Warranty on all parts:

The Airbaler Kit comes with a one-year warranty on all parts. If for some reason you have a faulty part, we will ship you a replacement at zero cost to you..

One-Year Full Refund Guarantee:

The Airbaler Kit (pictured left) is guaranteed to improve the density control of your baler. If for any reason you are not happy with the Airbaler system, return it within a year and we will give you a full refund and cover the cost of shipping your Kit back to West Michigan.

Why the Airbaler is Needed

AirbalerThe biggest problem with existing density control systems is that they can't automatically adjust to changes in field conditions.

When there are changes to the type OR speed of materials flowing through the bale chamber, you end up with bales that are too loose or too tight. Let's explore why this happens.

Density control requires uniform tension on the bale chamber

To maintain ideal bale density, there must be constant and uniform tension on the bale chamber as hay flows through. This is accomplished by two parallel tensioning rails above and below the chamber. As materials are forced through the bale chamber, they need to overcome the force applied by the two tensioning rails. The greater the force on the two rails, the denser the bales are.

Existing systems don't adjust to field changes:

Existing systems use mechanical springs or hydraulics to maintain force on these rails. The problem with this approach is that a SMALL change in field conditions will result in a BIG change in force applied to the bale chamber. This change in force creates a change in bale density.

Bales end up too light or too heavy:

The bottom line is that the existing systems are not very operator-friendly. Every time there's a change in field conditions, you have to interrupt your operation to manually adjust the hand crank or hydraulic pressure regulator. And If you don?t stop to make the adjustment, the bales will end up too light or too heavy.

How the Airbaler Works

AirbalerThe Airbaler is the only density control system that can actually maintain uniform tension on the bale chamber which is the key to maintaining perfect bale density. The system uses air pressure instead of springs or hydraulics to apply tension on the baler's top and bottom tensioning rails.

The Airbaler system consists of a heavy-duty rubber airbag and tension bar that sit directly on the baler's upper tensioning rail and are connected by rods to the baler's lower tensioning rail.

This setup enables the airbag to apply equal tension to BOTH sides of the bale chamber simultaneously. The airbag keeps this tension constant and uniform by being connected to a ballast tank, which allows it to expand and contract as needed.

So regardless of the type or speed of materials flowing through the bale chamber, the Airbaler system will self-adjust in order to produce consistent, well-formed bales.

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